Andy Eninger, Head of the Writing Program at The Second City

I wish I could identify the source of Erin ’s incredible power to inspire great work in the actors, writers, artists and children she works with. I think this is the key: She is able to speak directly to the best part of each of us, that part that others overlook. She looks right into the eyes of the kid inside and urges them to come out to play. Everybody is just better around her -more creative, more passionate about words, more insightful and delighted by the world. Anybody that has worked with Erin is left with breathless feeling of being a child unleashed. That – that’s the key. She makes artists feel like children, and children feel like artists.

Sally Kenyon, Owner, Uptown Browniesallykenyon

If creativity grew on trees, Erin would have an orchard. She is a rare person in that she can inspire, engage, and cultivate the creative spirit in anyone, at any age.   Erin so honors herself as an artist that on


Marni Jones, Director of Learning Skills and Disability Services, Assistant Dean of Advising at Dickinson College

Erin’s productions are celebrations of the imagination for all involved – children and parents and teachers.

morrisJames Morris,Professor at Carnegie Mellon and Computer Software Consultant, Founder: Carnegie Mellon’s Human Computer Interaction Institute, Robot Hall of Fame, and Silicon Valley Campus

Erin is a teacher who deeply understands the art of acting. My wife and I took her class at least three times.  I also had Erin coach me for a job interview once…and I got the job.


Max, Student, University of Iowa

Erin is one of those people who leaves an impact and to be honest, only one word can explain her: amazing. When I first met Erin a year and a half ago, my grade average was a 79% and was not looking good at all. With not a lot of time left of that school year, she performed miracles with her tutoring abilities. By the end of the year, my grade average was up an amazing 6% in the little time we had worked together. While she was helping with my grades, she was also helping with my extra-curriculars like acting. She gave me helpful tips to memorizing scripts. She also ran through them with me until I was golden.  I still use the skills she has taught me in school to help maintain a 91% average. Erin is the best!